How to Style Antique Pendants

How to Style Antique Pendants

Vintage jewelry is an increasingly popular option for women that like to stand out from the crowd and wear a unique and one-of-a-kind piece, rather than an item that is mass-produced and lacks the history behind it that a necklace or ring from another era has.

Antique pendants are one particularly great way to make a style statement that is both classy and original. These pieces also make great talking points at parties and other social occasions, and look fantastic with a variety of different outfits.

One classic way to style antique pendants is to wear them with a casual outfit. These items look fantastic when matched with other items of vintage jewelry - such as rings, bracelets and earrings - to create harmonized look.

Vintage jewelry of any kind works well with two particular styles; the first of these is the vintage and feminine look. An antique floral pendant can look gorgeous when worn with an elegant casual outfit of a skirt, blouse, cardigan and ballerina flats. This classic look is feminine, and is perfectly complemented by addition of delicate vintage jewelry.

On the other hand, these kind of accessories also work exceptionally well with a modern look that features lots of black leather, bleached denim and biker boots. The contrast between delicate jewelry and edgy clothing can be striking and stylish, so consider opting for this look if delicate and feminine isn't really your style.

Antique pendants are not only a great option to complement casual clothing, but are also a fantastic choice for evening outfits, although care must be taken to make sure that the design of the jewelry matches your evening wear.

One outfit that vintage jewelry work exceptionally well with is the classic little black dress and pumps. As this outfit is fairly neutral, a pendant or necklace is a great way to lift the outfit and add a touch of your personal style. In the case of a little back dress, both feminine styles and edgy styles work well with vintage jewelry, for same reasons as with casual outfits.

Care should be taken, however, to avoid vintage pieces that can be seen as too 'frumpy' for a sophisticated evening outfit. This can be the case with antique pendants, which can feature cabochons with floral designs or portraits, making them a bit 'stuffy' for evening wear. Whereas these can be great for stylish day wear, they can look out of place when out at a restaurant or bar.

For antique pendants that look fantastic regardless of the outfit they are paired with, looked for those that feature classic stones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds. Necklaces with agate, amethyst, peridot and tourmaline can also look particularly stunning, and pearls are another choice that oozes timeless elegance.

These classic and visibly upmarket options make a great complement to elegant evening wear, with the vibrant colors of precious stones being particularly striking when paired with the muted and sophisticated shades of black and white. If you opt for diamonds, these are often best worn to offset a more colorful outfit, such as a scarlet or royal blue dress.

Antique pendants can work well with both casual outfits and evening wear, although these unique and intriguing accessories go better with some looks more than others.

If you a dressing up some day wear, bear in mind that overtly floral or feminine styles can be best worn with other vintage pieces, such as feminine skirts and classic shoe choices, or with dramatically contrasting clothing, such as black leather and ripped denim.

For an evening look, avoid any jewelry that can be considered frumpy or too quirky, instead choosing pieces featuring classic designs and precious stones, as these are perfect for complementing a sophisticated dress or suit, whether you are attending a special event or simply enjoying a meal at your favorite restaurant.


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